Jarrett Gliner

Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA

Technical Skills


Strong: Javascript / ES6+, Python, Node, React, React Native, Redux, D3.js, MySQL, AWS EC2 / S3 / RDS Linux, Nginx, Apache, MySQL, HTML / CSS, Webpack, Mocha, Chai, Enzyme, Jest

Some Experience

PHP, Angular.js, Docker, Redis, Go, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Vue.js


Stage.GG | Lead Engineer
(Aug 2016 - Present)
San Francisco, CA
  • Architected and built out a fully isomorphic Node + React + Redux + Webpack stack with server-side rendering on a dedicated frontend server
  • Designed and constructed a dedicated Node + Restify API backend (including raw MySQL queries executed via Sequelize ORM) that serves the frontend, as well as third-party partners on public endpoints
  • Created and maintained a build / release pipeline with AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Nginx, and Apache
  • Grew traffic from launch to 100k uniques/mo on a single t2.micro AWS EC2 instance
  • Developed micro-libraries for data visualization using React and D3
  • Integrated custom WordPress admin frontend (PHP, Apache) for site contributors that hooked directly into our database to serve Editorial Content within our primary React architecture
  • Mentored interns, onboarded contractors, implemented a code review process
  • Served as gatekeeper of the company‚Äôs Git repository (hosted on Bitbucket) and other key technical resources

Graphiq | Associate Product Manager
(January 2014 - July 2015)
Santa Barbara, CA
  • Re-launched and grew specout.com, a flagship product, from 640k to 1.5m monthly sessions (130%) while improving engagement metrics (e.g. Time on Page, Bounce Rate) by 10%
  • Managed a persistent database of 25+ tables using ETL methods via Pentaho Data Integration and MySQL
  • Employed SEO strategies to achieve and maintain first page rankings on Google SERP

Open Source Contributions

Highly customizable client-side 'auto-complete' component for large datasets

A fully annotated walkthrough for Server-Side-Rendering with the newest version of react-router@v4 and react-router-redux@v5

Personal Projects

OpenDoor | Software Engineer / Scrum Master
(Q2 2016)
San Francisco, CA
Schedule for the present, see which of your friends are free
  • Devised and created a fully native iOS app using React Native alongside Redux
  • Implemented secure/dynamic friend request system using Postgres with JWT
  • Deployed to an AWS EC2 server using a Docker Container to house and further secure Postgres instance

LunchTrain | Software Engineer
(Q1 2016)
San Francisco, CA
Organize social activities with colleagues via Slack
  • Introduced secure login system using Slack's Oauth, sqlite3, and Slack's outgoing/incoming webhook APIs
  • Structured stateful React frontend and augmented with Google Maps and Places APIs


Hack Reactor | Advanced Software Engineering Immersive Program
San Francisco, CA

University of California, Santa Barbara | Bachelor's
Psychology, Applied Psychology, Technology Management
(2010 - 2014)
Santa Barabara, CA

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Music Production





Learning New Skills

Hey there, I'm Jarrett

I like building things.
When it comes to development, I pride myself on a balance of creativity and versatility. There is nothing more rewarding to me than bringing ideas all the way from concept to fully-scaled production.